Research and educational profile

The research work of the academic staff includes a wide variety of issues related to analysis of natural, social and economic factors from the perspective of spatial planning. The main research areas explored by the Department of Spatial Planning and Environmental Sciences  are:

- city and spatial planning,
- issues related to urbanization in the context of sustainable development strategy,
- sustainable development as a component of development policies at the local, regional and supraregional, levels,
- rural development,
- reclamation, remediation and revitalisation of urbanised, postindustrial, postmillitary and chemically degraded sites,
- modelling, simulations and forecasting of phenomena and processes in spatial planning,
- research and analysis of the real estate market for the needs of spatial planning.

Intense research activities pursued by the Department are reflected in conferred academic degrees as well as in distinctions and prizes awarded for their scientific and research work. The research work is followed by numerous scientific publications and articles published in Polish and international reviews.