Information about the institution


Warsaw University of Technology
Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography
Department of Spatial Planning and Environmental Sciences

Politechniki 1 sq., room 333, 00-661 Warsaw, Poland
Phone: (+48) 22-234-5587, fax: (+48) 22-234-5968

Warsaw University of Technology is the oldest technical university in Poland, employing 2185 members of academic staff, including 271 professors and 1430 associate and assistant professors. It has 19 faculties covering almost all fields of science and technology. The origins of Warsaw University of Technology date back to 1826 when the Preparatory School for the Polytechnic Institute was opened.

Department of Spatial Planning and Environmental Sciences is a member of Association of European Schools of Planning AESOP.

The Department is employing 26 full-time academic staff members and providing teaching activities for the total number of 387 students.